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Oscar Aguilar

 Founder & President

Oscar pic.png
Oscar Aguilar's  experience in service stemmed early and while working F&B for local and national restaurants chains, starting as a busboy at 15 before moving on to line cook, server, then front of house supervisor.  For 8 years, he learned valuable, first-hand knowledge of the service industry.  
Oscar moved from West Texas to the Dallas - Ft. Worth Metroplex in 1996 and worked for Ameritrade brokerage in the late 90's until the dot-com bubble burst 2002, marking the beginning of the recession.  This segued Oscar to learn the debt management industry and served several firms while earning his paralegal certification and eventually managing the Pre-litigation Settlements department for Lloyd Ward and Associates in Dallas. 
In 2013, Oscar was recruited by Neora, LLC, formerly Nerium International, a Dallas MLM skincare and wellness company where he joined the Events department, helping planning and putting on stadium-filled national conferences, international 

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