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Business Conference
Business Conference

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We have a full team that can help your business plan your next Corporate event.

  • Corporate Retreats

  • Company Parties

  • Corporate Meetings & Workshops


Branding, Signage, and Decor

PMGPS can assist your team with event branding, including logo, themes, and other artwork.  Let us help you come up with a fun and clever brand that is sure to make an impression to your guests and clients!  We'll create artwork for use with onsite branding, including print signage such as hanging and retractable banners,  beach flags, wall and floor clings, projections, guest swag, and programs!

We can also provide decor for nightly entertainment or a themed farewell party or banquet!  It doesn't matter where your event is, we are ready to turn your party into a themed extravaganza!     


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PMGPS can get your business leaders to that destination corporate  retreat, your top employees to the pro sporting event or an incentive trip to a beach, or even take your clients on that golf trip!  


No matter what the occasion is or where, PMGPS can help locate the best match in location, price and timing for your group to make your event a success!  We do this by tapping into our corporate contacts and industry affiliates for access to special rates and dates, subject to availability.  


We will research and present you with the best location and venue options based on your budget, then contract and book your event.   Along the way we will discuss meeting space and layout, daily entertainment, meals and banquet needs, as well as registration and ground transfers to and from the event location.  

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Let PMGPS's planners find, negotiate, and book accommodations for your event.  We will provide you with hotel options based on your needs; such as group size, proximity to event or site of the event itself, your price range, hotel rating, and amenities.  We also handle room assignments for your guests!

A huge advantage in managing guests is centralizing the airfare booking services.  We partner with airfare providers that specialize in keeping groups together and providing competitive rates.  This allows us to streamline services, making it easier to keep track of your VIPs - which is everyone!


Once the 'big day' arrives and your group is ready to move, we'll have you covered!  From the airport to hotel, plus all in between, we will provide the transportation.  


With the assistance of directional staff, we'll set aside a luxury passenger bus for your large group, a limousine or sedan for your VIPs, or a party shuttle for an evening outing!  

Our staff is ready to manage transfers from airport to hotel for groups based on flight times with directional staff and greeters.  Approaching completion of your event and before departure, your group will be reminded of their specific flight times and hotel departure instructions.  Our team will work hard to make sure everyone experiences a stress-free departure!

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